2016 ESRD Facility Survey Due on March 31, 2017

2016 ESRD Facility Surveys (CMS-2744 Form) are due to Midwest Kidney Network on March 31, 2017.  Please have them submitted for ESRD Network review and acceptance by that date.  Surveys "Submitted for Acceptance" should be balanced, have all errors resolved, and have warnings addressed.  Midwest Kidney Network data staff can be reached at 651-644-2911 for assistance with surveys.

CROWNWeb Data Management Guidelines instructs ESRD Networks to "Accept/Reject/Finalize" all surveys that are submitted for acceptance within 30 days.  March 31, 2017, is established to provide dialysis facilities, transplant centers, and Midwest Kidney Network adequate time to meet CMS's deadlines.

Resources for completing the ESRD Facility Survey can be found at, http://midwestkidneynetwork.org/search/node/274