Webinar Recordings

Reducing Bloodstream Infections (BSI)

January 23, 2018   Introduction of the project scope and goals.  View

February 20, 2018   Tools for staff and patient education. View

March 27, 2018 Using NHSN Data to Reduce BSI. View

April 3, 2018 National BSI Learning and Action Network View

April 24, 2018 Barriers to Permanent Vascular Access Placement View

June 19, 2018 CDC audits and use of chlorhexidine, Scrub the Hub View


Increasing Kidney Transplant 

January 25, 2018  Introduction of project scope and goals. View

March 14, 2018  "Go Transplant" Successfull intervetnions presented by a transplant coordinator. View


Increasing Depression Screening and Follow-up

January 30, 2018  Using screening tools and entering CROWNWeb data. View

March 16, 2018   Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Depression View

May 17, 2018   Depression and Chronic Illness View


Patient and Family Engagement

February 23, 2018  "Setting the Enviroment" Ideas for supporting patient engagement. View

March 22, 2018 Connecting Patients with Support Systems. View 

May 24, 2018 Patient Involvement in QAPI View

June 28, 2018 Patient Engagement in Plan of Care View



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