Class 2 Device Recall 2008 Series Hemodialysis Machine

Date Initiated by Firm: December 14, 2017

Create Date: March 20, 2018

Recall Status1:Open3, Classified

Recall Number: Z-1278-2018

Recall Event ID: 79478

510(K)Number: K153449 

Product Classification

Dialyzer, high permeability with or without sealed dialysate system - Product Code KDI


2008 K2 Hemodialysis Machine with software version 5.40, Models: (1) Hemodialysis SYS OLC/Diasafe PLS 190610, UDI 00840861100859 (+Serial Number), (2) Machine Short Cap, OLC.DP HP 190630, UDI 00840861100866 (+Serial Number) indicated for acute and chronic dialysis therapy

Code Information

Serial Numbers: 0K0S151801

UDI 00840861100866 190630,(+Serial Number) UDI 00840861100859 PLS 190610, (+Serial Number

1K0S169898, 1K0S169954, 1K0S170154, 1K0S170234, 1K0S171275, 1K0S171286, 1K0S171421, 1K0S171436, 2K0S176243, 2K0S176244, 2K0S176257, 2K0S176264, 2K0S176271, 2K0S176273, 2K0S176278, 2K0S176280, 2K0S176281, 2K0S176283, 2K0S176286, 2K0S176443, 2K0S176472, 2K0S176633, 4K0S188834, 4K0S188841, 4K0S188843, 4K0S188987, 4K0S189246, 4K0S189293, 4K0S189300, 4K0S189353, 4K0S189488, 4K0S189797, 4K0S189915, 4K0S189939, 4K0S190064, 4K0S190067, 4K0S190091, 4K0S190111, 4K0S190115, 4K0S190119, 4K0S190121, 4K0S190126, 4K0S190140, 4K0S190141, 4K0S190145, 4K0S190146, 4K0S190166, 4K0S190173, 4K0S190175, 4K0S190183, 4K0S190203, 4K0S190212, 4K0S190222, 4K0S190226, 4K0S191575, 4K0S191910, 5K0S193681, 5K0S193682, 5K0S193688, 5K0S193689, 5K0S193690, 5K0S193696, 5K0S193699, 5K0S193701, 5K0S193702, 5K0S193707, 5K0S193710, 5K0S193711, 5K0S193712, 5K0S193713, 5K0S193721, 5K0S193732, 5K0S193733, 5K0S193734, 5K0S193735, 5K0S193736, 5K0S193737, 5K0S193740, 5K0S193741, 5K0S193747, 5K0S193750, 5K0S193753, 5K0S193756, 5K0S193757, 5K0S193758, 5K0S193761, 5K0S193765, 5K0S193769, 5K0S193774, 5K0S193776, 5K0S193777, 5K0S193778, 5K0S193781, 5K0S193783, 5K0S193788, 5K0S193789, 5K0S193790, 5K0S193794, 5K0S193798, 5K0S193799, 5K0S193801, 5K0S193808, 5K0S193812, 5K0S193820, 5K0S193822, 5K0S193823, 5K0S193824, 5K0S193830, 5K0S193834, 5K0S193835, 5K0S193839, 5K0S193842, 5K0S193843, 5K0S193851, 5K0S193853, 5K0S193854, 5K0S193861, 5K0S193864, 5K0S193865, 5K0S193866, 5K0S193867, 5K0S193872, 5K0S193875, 5K0S193877, 5K0S193879, 5K0S193883, 5K0S193887, 5K0S193889, 5K0S193891, 5K0S193892, 5K0S193895, 5K0S193898, 5K0S193900, 5K0S193901, 5K0S193902, 5K0S193903, 5K0S193904, 5K0S193905, 5K0S193909, 5K0S193910, 5K0S193912, 5K0S193914, 5K0S193916, 5K0S193917, 5K0S193918, 5K0S193919, 5K0S193920, 5K0S193921, 5K0S193922, 5K0S193924, 5K0S193925, 5K0S193927, 5K0S193928, 5K0S193929, 5K0S193930, 5K0S193932, 5K0S193935, 5K0S193937, 5K0S193940, 5K0S193944, 5K0S193946, 5K0S193948, 5K0S193957, 5K0S193963, 5K0S193965, 5K0S193966, 5K0S193975, 5K0S193976, 5K0S193981, 5K0S193983, 5K0S193986, 5K0S193987, 5K0S193988, 5K0S193991, 5K0S193992, 5K0S193995, 5K0S193998, 5K0S193999, 5K0S194004, 5K0S194007, 5K0S194008, 5K0S194010, 5K0S194016, 5K0S194021, 5K0S194028, 5K0S194032, 5K0S194033, 5K0S194035, 5K0S194041, 5K0S194045, 5K0S194046, 5K0S194051, 5K0S194059, 5K0S194065, 5K0S194067, 5K0S194068, 5K0S194071, 5K0S194072, 5K0S194074, 5K0S194075, 5K0S194077, 5K0S194079, 5K0S194080, 5K0S194098, 5K0S194099, 5K0S194101, 5K0S194102, 5K0S194104, 5K0S194106, 5K0S194107,



5K0S194109, 5K0S194111, 5K0S194112, 5K0S194113, 5K0S194118, 5K0S194122, 5K0S194125, 5K0S194126, 5K0S194127, 5K0S194130, 5K0S194132, 5K0S194133, 5K0S194134, 5K0S194136, 5K0S194139, 5K0S194141, 7K0S-103983, 8K0S126369ZZNOTUSE, 8K0S131332, 8K0S132008, 8K0S132012, 9K0S133294, 9K0S139189, 9K0S141552.

Recalling Firm/ Manufacturer


Fresenius Medical Care Renal Therapies Group, LLC
920 Winter St
Waltham MA 02451-1521

For Additional Information Contact

Fresenius Technical Service

Manufacturer Reason for Recall

When the recirculation ultrafiltration (UF) Goal is set to a value greater than 200ml in service mode and the user starts a treatment using the SLED (Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis) program the display will show an invalid message and the UF pump will run at the recirculation UF rate which may be up to 4000ml/hour. The SLED program is required to limit the UF rate to a maximum of 1000 ml/hour.

FDA Determined Cause 2

Device Design


The recall notification instructs the user to the UF Goal with values less than 200ml when in Service Mode and to monitor and set the UF Rate to the desired setting after starting the SLED treatment. The consignee is advised that a software update is forthcoming to correct the issue. For further questions, please call (800) 227-2572.

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US Distribution to the states of: AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NC, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, and TX

Total Product Life Cycle

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510(K) Database

510(K)s with Product Code = KDI and Original Applicant = FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE RENAL THERAPIES GROUP, LLC