Resources for Facilities

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This book contains the participant list and presentations from the 2011 Annual Meeting in Michigan.

2011 Annual Report that summarizes Network 11's work with ESRD providers and others to assess and improve care for people with chronic kidney disease.

This report describes 2011 Elab Results and 2002–2011 trend results for anemia management, dialysis adequacy, nutrition, and bone management for adult and pediatric dialysis patients.

Brochure for 2017 NW Wisconsin Dialysis Seminar

Materials for facilities participating in the 2019 Home Dialysis Project.

December (2018) project calendar

January project calendar 

This is a printable version of the current CMS 2728 form for use by Kidney Transplant and Veterans Administration Facilities.

This document details four key preparation tasks that will help to reduce errors when generating and balancing the 2744.

The document below provides detailed instructions for completing the annual ESRD Facility Survey (CMS-2744 Form).

This document outlines how to register for and submit modules to the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program.