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2011 Annual Report that summarizes Network 11's work with ESRD providers and others to assess and improve care for people with chronic kidney disease.

Materials for facilities participating in the 2019 Home Dialysis Project.

December (2018) project calendar

January project calendar 

This document outlines how to register for and submit modules to the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program.

This template helps your ESRD facility examine root causes and barriers, and outline a quality improvement plan.

The ESRD Program Interpretive Guidance represents the most recent guidance related to the 42 CFR Part 494 Conditions for Coverage for ESRD facilities.


Clinical and organizational recommendations based on best practices for increasing AV fistula use and improving hemodialysis patient outcomes.

The 18 regional ESRD Networks are established in legislation and contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve the quality and safety of dialysis, maximize patient rehabilitation, encourage collaboration among and between

2017 Recommended Treatment Guidelines developed by the Midwest Kidney Network Medical Review Committee

2017 Reveiw Criteria developed by the Midwest Kidney Network Medical Review Committee