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Three brochures designed to help providers, nephrologists, and patients.

This article reviews the basic skills needed by all dialysis staff to correctly cannulate an AV fistula or AV graft.

Use these tools to improve cannulation: 

Cannulation of New Fistula Policy and Procedure

 Staff Cannulation Competancy Tool 

This algorithm examines managment of a patient with a central venous catheter.

Guidelines for vaccinating dialysis patients and patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

This brochure developed by the Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative (FFBI) helps educate patients about the differences between AVF and AVG.

Indentification, treatment, and referral of Chronic Kidney Disease patients.

The Clinical Care module of the ESRD Toolkit summarizes why proper clinical care is important in preventing vascular access infections, explains practices staff members can follow during site access to reduce infection risk, and describes ways to

Dialysis Center Report to Hospital Infection Preventionist

Hospital Infection Preventionist Report to Dialysis Center