Resources for Facilities

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Letter for ESRD Facility Administrators on 2015 data validation samples.



Brochure for ANNA event

This checklist and poster helps both patient and providers identify signs of an unhealthy AV fistula. These tools encourage a stop, look, and listen approach before initiating dialysis.

This article shows how long term use of sharp needles into buttonhole sites can lead to AVF damage.

This algorithm helps facilities improve the consistency of AVG assessment and intervention as well as communication efforts with surgeons, nephrologists and interventionalists.

Executive and Medical Review Committee Members 2014-2015

Three brochures designed to help providers, nephrologists, and patients.

This article reviews the basic skills needed by all dialysis staff to correctly cannulate an AV fistula or AV graft.

Use these tools to improve cannulation: 

Cannulation of New Fistula Policy and Procedure

 Staff Cannulation Competancy Tool 

This algorithm examines managment of a patient with a central venous catheter.