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Print and/or post this card to reinforce sepsis assessment practices!



This is a tracking tool for early identification of signs of infection. 


This file contains screenshots of the process of signing-in to QualityNet Secure Portal.  Note that some stakeholders refer to QualityNet Secure Portal as "QARM".

This poster/handout outlines five ways that dialysis patients can advocate for their care when hospitalized. 

Created by the Joint Commission, this poster offers simple ways that patients can protect themselves and others from infections.

The information has been put together with the help of concerned dialysis staff members, infection experts, and a hemodialysis patient.

This presentation focuses on supporting patients who are returning to dialysis after kidney transplant.

This document provides plan-of-care guidance on transitions between dialysis and nursing home settings.


This checklist, developed by Health Services Advisory Group, provides guidance on dialysis treatments for patients who are post-hospitalization. 

This PowerPoint highlights key points about transition of care for dialysis patients moving between a variety of care settings.