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This document answers frequently asked questions about the ESRD Conditions for Coverage.

The ESRD Program Interpretive Guidance represents the most recent guidance related to the 42 CFR Part 494 Conditions for Coverage for ESRD facilities.


2018 CMS Memo to dialysis facility administrators on the ESRD QIP Data Validity and Reliability Study.


This PowerPoint file contains screenshots of the process of generating and downloading an ESRD QIP Performance Certificate.

Clinical and organizational recommendations based on best practices for increasing AV fistula use and improving hemodialysis patient outcomes.

Renal Network 11

Fistula First Data Collection Tool for Providers

This report examines data from patients making choices about their vascular access. The data was collected in 2007.

Patient's share their perspective on choosing the best form of vascular access for them.

This document provides recommendations for ESRD facilities to consider in disaster preparedness plans.

Handout from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases